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Lismore Fields


Be Amazed !!  ... and 'Pass It On'

Lismore Fields in the Spa Town of Buxton is one of the earliest known settlements. It's an ancient site, dating back over 6000 years, through the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. It changes the way we think about how people lived back then. Its a very important site, remaining beneath the current surface. Lets make it a world heritage site to provide the protection it needs.

As part of this journey, this the website has been launched to raise awareness of the importance of Lismore Fields, and the quality of its discoveries.

The website aim is to build on all the hard work and dedication of all the talented people who have gone before, as well as to connect with a new audience discovering the wonders of Lismore Fields for the first time. The ambition of the website is to bring all of this together. To create a central resource of all the known knowledge and specialist personnel and organisations.  To make that information accessible and understandable to as many as possible, in order to share the wonder of what has been discovered.  

As was once said "nothing is owned, it’s all just borrowed, so look after it for that day when you can proudly pass it on". – Pass it on!

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